Interior Work

Interior Work

Interior Work:  What you should expect

Investing in a quality paint job can mean the difference between painting every few years or a paint job that will far out last an inferior one.

1. Your furniture, floors and carpets will be protected from start to finish by drop cloths or poly plastic. Furniture will be moved and returned by CPP, all outlet plates will be removed and reinstalled by CPP. We Ask our customers to move the breakables, pictures, and valuables.

2. All wood surfaces to be painted will be thoroughly washed with mild detergent or solvent to remove dirt, grease, mildew, soap, or oil film that may have accumulated over the years.  This step will help to ensure proper adhesion of the fresh paint.

3. Watermarks, smoke stains, pen marks, and other unsightly blemishes that could “bleed through” the new paint will be primed and sealed.

4. Any loose paint or other imperfections on walls or ceiling will be removed by scraping and sanding.

5. Cracks and holes in walls and ceiling will be repaired with spackle or drywall compound, sanded smooth, and primed.  Drywall mesh tape can be applied over cracks when necessary for a more permanent repair. Texture is added when needed.

6. Holes in the woodwork will be filled, sanded smooth and primed. Sanding should smooth imperfections and damaged areas.

7. Open joints and gaps between surfaces will be caulked and filled for a cleaner and more finished appearance.

8. Glossy surfaces will be dulled by sanding or undercoating to ensure proper paint adhesion.

9. Only quality materials will be used.  Quality materials give the best result and last longer.

10. The work will be done in a neat and professional manner by skilled crafts people who are polite, friendly, and work efficiently. And of course, there will be no paint on windowpanes, carpet, floors or anything else not being painted.

11. 6 Test Patches will be provided as part of our customer service to you, this will provide a larger area of color on your walls to see colors in different light, on different texture of substrates, as next to tile, stone, wood floors, etc. And touch-up paint will be labeled and left for your future convenience.

12. The trim is masked off and the tape is sealed with caulking to prevent the paint from bleeding onto the surface under the tape resulting in leaving a sharp clean line.

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